War Thunder Hack

War Thunder Hack

Today we will be releasing the new War Thunder Hack! The War Thunder Hack took us a good amount of time to develop, mainly because cracking the codes and server side decoding wasn’t all that easy. Now that we have finally finished the War Thunder Hack we are proudly releasing it to the public!

We have been playing War Thunder game I we think it deserves a tool like this one to make it even better. It’s waaaaaay better and more fun than World of Planes by Wargaming but we may also release a hack for it in the future.

About the game

War Thunder is a next generation MMO combat game dedicated to World War II military aviation, armored vehicles, and fleets. You will take part in all of the major combat battles, fighting with real players all over the world.

War Thunder offers a highly detailed and personalized aviation experience, giving players access to hundreds models of planes with detailed cockpits, dozens of upgradeable weapons, and flying skills that can be honed and improved with each mission. Thanks to the game’s painstaking attention to detail, you’ll truly feel like a World War II fighter pilot as you plunge into battle.

The genuine World War II experience isn’t limited to the skies. The massive historical battles featured in War Thunder cannot be fought by aviation alone, so the game will also expose players to combat on land and at sea.

Features include:

  • Varied PvP-experiences set in full-scale combat missions
  • Multiple settings options allow advanced virtual pilots and beginners to enjoy playing the game together
  • Rich PvE content: dynamic campaigns, solo missions, mission editor, and much more for single-player and cooperative gameplay
  • Impressive diversity includes detailed models of planes and their cockpits, as well as tanks and ships
  • Astonishing graphics, authentic sound effects, and beautiful music

War Thunder Hack tool screenshot below:

 War Thunder Hack

Watch War Thunder Instructional Video

War Thunder Hack Instructions:

  1. Download our latest version of War Thunder Hack.
  2. Start War Thunder and minimize it.
  3. Start hack tool.
  4. Check for update.
  5. Enter the amount of Eagles and Lions you want to receive in game.
  6. Select War Thunder Hacks you want to activate.
  7. Click on 'START' button to activate.
  8. After success message pop up check in game your attributes.
  9. Share with friends and enjoy the game.

Downlaod War Thunder Hack Now!

 War Thunder Hack

 Version updated: July 24, 2015
External mirror 1 - Zippyshare
External mirror 2 - Dropbox

Virus Scan can be found here.

If you want to own your competition playing War Thunder  click ‘Download Now’ to get our latest version of War Thunder Hack.

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